Solve all your doubts about the use of contact lenses in either kids and teenagers, as well as all questions related to ESENCIA® contact lenses

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Use of contact lenses in children and adolescents


What is myopia?

Myopia is a vision defect, which manifests itself when the patient perceives distant objects blurred. Myopia begins to develop around 6-8 years and grows while the patient is of growing age, usually up to 15-16 years, although it can grow for more years.

What determines the total myopia that your children will have as an adult is the growth rate of the myopia (Diopters that grows each year) and the number of years during which the myopia grows.

What consecuences does myopia in your children’s visual health?

Certain eye diseases in adults are related to the magnitude of adult myopia. That is, the more myopia the adult has, the more likely there is to develop eye diseases such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, myopic maculopathy, etc.

What is called high graduation myopia?

A user is considered to be high-grade myopic when their prescription reaches or exceeds six (6) diopters of myopia.

It is important to perform myopia control with Esencia® to stop the increase in myopia in development ages.

What benefits will slowing down or controlling myopia have in my children?

One way to prevent eye diseases is to try to make the myopia of our daughters and sons grow as little as possible. By slowing down the growth rate of myopia, we achieve that your daughter or son’s myopia is less than it would be if they wore a normal contact lens or glasses, so the possibility of developing these eye diseases when your daughter or son is an adult, it will also be less.

What does “balancing out or correcting myopia” actually mean?

Making up for myopia means using a compensation method such as contact lenses or glasses so as to make sure your children can see well at all distances. The Esencia® lens has a central area designed to compensate for the wearer’s myopia, thus guaranteeing clear vision in their daily life. +INFO + INFO

What does “Control, stop or slow myopia” mean?

Controlling myopia means using various methods so that the speed of myopia growth stops or slows down, that is, myopia grows more slowly than it would if your daughter or son wore normal glasses or contact lenses. The peripheral ring area of ​​the Essence lens fulfills the function of controlling myopia thanks to the blurriness it produces in the peripheral retina.

What is astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a vision defect, which manifests itself when the patient perceives distorted objects at all distances.
It is produced by a difference in graduation between the different meridians of the eye. The Esencia® lens has a central area designed to compensate for the wearer’s myopia and astigmatism, thus guaranteeing clear vision in their daily life. + INFO

Can I equally see with glasses and lens?

Yes, vision with contact lenses is the same as with glasses.

Girls and boys with high myopia graduations are likely to see better with contact lenses.

The toric Esencia® design also allows users with astigmatism to see well with contact lenses at all distances while controlling the progression of myopia.

Which advantages does the use of lens in both children and teenagers actually has?

The use of contact lenses in girls, boys and adolescents has some advantages that directly influence personal development:

  1. Vision quality. . Contact lenses provide wider peripheral vision than glasses and make it easier for children to see the things around them. If your daughter or son has a high myopia rating, she is likely to see better with contact lenses than with glasses.
  2. Liberty. Contact lenses are ideal for sports, they allow you to focus on the game and not be aware of whether I will break my glasses. Definitely contact lenses and sports are a great combination.
  3. Esteem. Numerous studies seem to indicate that children who wear contact lenses have better self-esteem and confidence.
  4. Responsibility. Children must agree to take care of the lenses and follow all hygiene measures. This is very beneficial for their personal development so that they can feel that they have our confidence.
  5. Control of myopia. ESENCIA® contact lenses have demonstrated their ability to slow the progression of myopia, protecting the visual health of children in the future.

What is the minimum age to use lens?

There is no minimum age to wear contact lenses, it will depend on the responsibility and maturity of each girl or boy. Wearing contact lenses implies being careful and watching the hygiene that is absolutely necessary to be able to handle them safely.

It is important to perform myopia control with Esencia® at an early age in order to act in this way on the increase in myopia and not to reach too high values.

The most common is that at six (6) years the child begins to manipulate the lenses, provided that she has the ability and maturity to do so. It is at this age when children, once they are taught, take responsibility for their lenses, since, until then, it is usually the parents who help them. Even so, it is important to remember that, especially in the beginning, it should always be done under the supervision of adults so as to assure the situation is safe.


Are children's contact lenses safe?

The lenses are equally safe for all users whether they are adults or children.

Esencia® is a personalized lens for each user according to their ocular parameters, thus guaranteeing greater comfort and safety during wear.

Of course, hygiene and maintenance routines must be followed to ensure safety in use.

Washing and drying your hands before putting them on or taking them off, storing them correctly in contact lens liquid (in the case of reusable lenses) or throwing them away (in the case of daily use lenses)… these are steps that children are capable of to learn and internalize much faster than we imagine. Once they get used to it, the use of contact lenses will not pose any problem for their eye health.

Is it easy to break a pair fo lens?

The number of contact lens breakages is estimated to be below 1%. Most of these breaks occur at the time of handling to remove them, due to pinching with the nails or snagging when inserting them into the lens case.

What should I do if my lens fall down to the floor?

Check that they are good, that is, they have not been broken. After this you must consider that they have been contaminated and therefore you must clean them with the maintenance solution and rinse them. If I can’t clean it at that time, I should put it in the lens case until I can clean it properly.

If you have questions about the state of your lenses, you should consult your optician optometrist.

How to correctly use lens for the firs time?

The first step to start using contact lenses is to visit your optician-optometrist.

  • Your optician-optometrist will teach you how to put them on and take them off and will supervise your fitting. Follow the instructions of the optician-optometrist in all phases of the adaptation.
  • At first the girl or boy may be a little nervous when putting on their contact lenses, however, they will soon get used to it and incorporate it into her routines, be patient and give them confidence and security. Reassure them that they are capable of doing it. Children learn much faster than adults!
  • Putting on and taking off your lenses requires some practice at first, and it is normal that it does not come out the first time, but soon, you will get the hang of it!
  • Respect what your optician-optometrist tells you regarding the number of hours of use of the lenses per day. It is very important that you follow the instructions of your optician-optometrist for the safe use of contact lenses.
  • Follow the instructions of your optician-optometrist regarding the maintenance of the lenses. It is very important that you follow the instructions of your optician-optometrist for the safe use of contact lenses.

And of course, children are children: the mother and / or father must supervise the process and accompany the girl or boy so that they are calm !!!!



Solve all your questions about ESENCIA lenses


What is ESENCIA®?

  • ESENCIA® is a soft contact lens, to be used by girls, boys and adolescents.
  • ESENCIA® is a lens for daily use, that is, your daughter or son should put the lens on in the morning and take it off at night.
  • ESENCIA® is a customized lens, that is, each lens is manufactured according to the specific anatomical characteristics of your daughter or son’s eyes.
  • ESENCIA® is indicated for the correction and control of myopia progression in children and adolescents.
  • ESENCIA® is a contact lens to be fitted by your optometrist. You must follow the instructions of your optometrist and make the follow-up visits that he indicates.

How does ESENCIA® work?

ESENCIA®, is a contact lens, designed to fulfill a double function:

1- Compensate for myopia and / or astigmatism: Change the direction of the light so that it focuses properly on the central area of the retina so as to assure your children a good sight.

2- Control the progression of myopia: It focuses the peripheral light rays on the peripheral retina or in front of it, and in this way eliminates the stimuli that favor the growth rate of myopia.

In short, ESENCIA® works like any other contact lens, except that its design allows not only to correct myopia, but also to slow down the growth rate of myopia.

Is ESENCIA® eficcient?

The efficience and safeness of ESENCIA® in the control of myopia progression have been clinically tested and validated through various clinical studies. Altogether, ESENCIA® has demonstrated in these studies its ability to control the progression of myopia in a safe way, demonstrating an ability to slow down the speed of myopia progression of 58% (reduction of the increase in subjective refraction), as well as a safe bearing: 91.7% of the study participants rated the lens as comfortable, and 100% of the study participants reported a good quality of vision.

Which sanitary guarantees does ESENCIA® offer?

ESENCIA® is a sanitary product. In addition to the clinical studies carried out, ESENCIA® has all the clinical experience acquired over the years, which allows us to jointly offer a product that meets the highest standards of efficacy and safety to obtain CE Certification: ESENCIA® has Obtained CE Certification for the indication “Correction and Control of the progression of myopia in pediatric and adolescent users”.

Where can I acquire or buy ESENCIA®?

ESENCIA® is a soft contact len. In Europe, the profesional sanitary in charge of the adaptation of any contact lenses is the optical-ortometrist.
Pinpoint the your closest sepecialised optical centre or ask your personal optical-ortometrist for Esencia attaching him the following document.


How do I correctly use ESENCIA®?

ESENCIA® is a contact len made to be used during the day, your children must put them on in the morning and take them of in the evening.

How many hours can ESENCIA® be used?

ESENCIA® should be use dan average of 10 hours per day.

Can use ESENCIA® to sleep at night?

NO, ESENCIA® is not a contact len designed to sleep with.

When I take them of, where do I leave them until the next morning?

In the evening, the lenses should be removed from the eye, cleaned and left in maintenance solution before being used again the next day.

The maintenance of ESENCIA® between each use is very important, you must follow the instructions provided by your Optometrist.

Your optometrist within the framework of the adaptation of the ESENCIA® lens will teach you to remove and insert the lenses, as well as to carry out the proper maintenance of ESENCIA®.

Can I clean ESENCIA® with normal water?

NO, under no circumstances should NEITHER being cleand nor have any kind of contact with tap wather, even less with our own saliva, due to the fact that not only will it damage the lenses but also harm our ocular health.


Can I swim either in a pool or in the sea with my lenses?

To avoid losing the lenses, it is recomendable using swimming glasses without graduation.


How much does ESENCIA® cost?

Your optical-ortometrist will inform about its Price.


How much time should I let go before changing a pair of ESENCIA® lenses for a new one?

ESENCIA® has a lifespan of 90 days. This means after 90 days you should change your currrent pair for a new one.