How does Esencia ® work?


How ESENCIA lenses work for myopia control

Myopia is a visual disease which makes its appearence when the pacient is no longer able to clearly see objects at long range. Myopia begins its development in children beetwen 6-8 years old and generally keeps growing until the pacient becomes a teenager (15-16 years old) but in some cases it can still keep growing.

What determins the total myopia your children will have as an adult is the speed in which myopia develops itself (Dioptrees it grows per year) and the years it keeps developing. The slower the growth rate of myopia, the lower the total myopia your children will have.

Why does myopia grow?

Myopia’s growth in children has been studied in depth, reaching the conclussion its growth may be due to many causes, the most importan tones are the following:

-Genetical aspects, that is, if the mother and / or father have myopia, it is very likely that their daughter or son also has myopia

-Educational aspects, such as excessive activity in close range vision, motivated by the excessive use of mobile phones, tablets or video games consoles, or spending an excessive amount of time reading can lead to bigger myopic growth.

-The lack of outdoor activities has also been related to a larger myopic growth

The visual cause in myopia’s growth?

Several scientific researches have identified another cause related to the growth of myopia associated with the peripheral retina.

The correction of the usual graduation with contact lenses or conventional glasses, produce an image focused on the central retina while on the peripheral retina the image is focused from behind (image 1)

There have been numerous studies in which specific lenses are used for myopia control that allow the image of the peripheral retina to be focused from the front. (picture 2)

It is scientifically proven that this factor acts directly on the progression of myopia, slowing its increase.

Gráfico Lentillas Esencia®


How does Esencia work?

ESENCIA®, is a soft contact len personalized to the anatomical and functional characteristics of the customer who is going to wear them, designed to fulfill a double function:

-On the one hand, compensates either  myopia and / or astigmatism. Like any contact lens or glasses, ESENCIA changes the direction of light so that it focuses properly on the central area of the retina and in this way your daughter or son can see well.

-On the other hand, the ESENCIA design has been made to avoid the appearance of focused areas behind the retina and thus prevent the eye in its growth regulation trying to grow more (become more myopic).

In conclusion, ESENCIA presents a specific design for girls or boys who are growing, allowing the correction of myopia in a more physiological way than contact lenses or normal glasses, since ESENCIA prevents the appearance of the visual factor of myopic growth.

It should be borne in mind that although ESENCIA reduces one of the factors that influence the growth of your daughter or son’s myopia, other factors may be present, such as genetic, educational or absence of outdoor activities and therefore a focus on it. The most comprehensive possible (acting on the greatest number of growth factors present) in the management of the myopia of whether daughter or son is the most convenient.