Why is it important to control your children´s myiopia?


Myopia is a vision problem, which manifests itself when the patient perceives distant objects blurred. In general, it begins to develop around 6-8 years (although it can also begin in either teenagers and young adults) and grows while the patient is in growing age, usually up to 15-16 years, although it can grow for more years.

The causes that lead to the onset of myopia and growth are diverse, highlighting genetic predisposition (myopic mother and / or father), age (pediatrics and adolescence), race (higher prevalence in Asians), and educational factors such as the number of hours in sunlight or overexertion motivated by intensive use of close range vision (reading, mobile phones).

Certain eye diseases in adults are related to the magnitude of adult myopia. That is, the more myopia the adult has, the more likely there is to develop these eye diseases. They are diseases to take into account, since they can lead to certain degrees of visual disability, depending on the severity of the disease: retinal detachment, glaucoma, myopic maculopathy, cataracts 2,3,4 etc.


Therefore, one way to prevent these diseases is to try to make the myopia of our daughters and sons grow as little as possible. By slowing down the growth rate of myopia, we make your daughter or son’s myopia lower than it would be if she wears a normal contact lens or glasses. As the final myopia of your daughter or son will be less, the possibility of developing these eye diseases in the future, will also be less. In other words, by controlling the progression of myopia with ESENCIA, we are reducing the risk of developing ocular pathologies in the future.